standard package explained

Step 1 - We collect and store your ski and snowboarding equipment.

Once you have joined our STANDARD  Ski Carriage package , we will send you an empty Sportube case either to your home or your work address.  Once loaded with your equipment, you simply use the prepaid collection instructions to arrange a convenient collection day and location and your equipment will be collected and brought back to our secure ski storage location. Should you wish us to look after your boots for you too, we can do that. One of the big advantages of our STANDARD package is that you do not need to know your full holiday details yet.

Step 2 - We transport your skis, snowboards and boots to and from resort

Once you know where & when you are skiing, simply enter the details into our web site . Remember - there is no need to wait to join us until you have booked your holiday, let us look after your skis or snowboard for you straight away as it is all included in the package. 

Your equipment is then delivered to your chosen resort in good time for the skis or snowboards to be serviced before your arrival.  We will let you know via email which location within your resort has your skis waiting for you, so you know where to collect them from. 

At the end of your trip you simply drop your skis off where you picked them up from and we will collect them shortly afterwards and return to our storage facility in the uk, where we look after them for you all year round.  You just let us know where you want them delivering next time via the web site.

Step 3 - Full ski & snowboard servicing

Our ski outlet partners are completely committed to ensuring that all skis received from us receive a comprehensive ski service in good time for your arrival.   The service will include cleaning the base by removing old wax, repairing any holes or scratches by filling them with p-tex, taking off excess p-tex leaving a flat surface, stone grinding the bases with a diamond finish, sharpening the base and side edges, machine waxing, structuring and polishing of the base and checking that the bindings are working properly.  Additionally on arrival, the DIN settings will be checked and of course fitted to your boots.

Your peace of mind & security

Traceable Ski Carriage

We have full traceablility of your equipment at every stage of its journey in conjunction with our courier partners. 

Hard Shell Ski Carry Case

Our high density Sportube polyethylene hard-shell ski cases offer maximum protection for  your skis and boards whilst being transported.  They are designed to be light weight while being strong and durable.  They are designed to comfortably accommodate all new skis and binding systems. 

Closed loop handling

We use world-leading companies like UPS, fedEx and TNT who all operate "closed-loop" handling systems ensuring that your valuable equipment is fully traceable throughout its journey. Unlike airlines who use handling agents and are often in a rush to load/unload the hold luggage as quickly as possible, the focus is on ensuring the delivery is on-time, accurate and undamaged.As well as full traceability of your equipment during transportation

Secure Ski and Snowboard Storage

Our secure ski storage location for your equipment is in Wellingborough, Northants.  Your equipment is stored on purpose built racking, designed to protect it from damage.  All of your skiing and snowboard equipment is insured by ourselves whilst being stored. For more details please see our full terms and conditions.

Ready To Go

No more losing a day of your holiday to have your skis serviced,  they will be all done and set up ready for when you arrive.  Leaving you to just get onto the slopes and enjoy all the benefits of having your own equipment with you.