Ski and Snowboard Service

Ski Carriage offer many variations of ski and snowboard services, from storage to full servicing and delivery. Our specialist methods and experience help us provide the hassle free ski and snowboard services that help your holiday go as smoothly and easily as possible. Our full services for ski and snowboards are as follows:

  • Skis Collected Ready for Transportation
    Ski and Snowboard Services
  • Skis Transported to Resort
  • Ski Collected Ready for Transporting Home
  • Traceable Ski Carriage 
  • Hard Shell Ski Carry Case
  • Closed loop handling
  • Secure Ski and Snowboard Storage
  • Full Ski Servicing
  • Ready To Go

Ski Transport and Services

Our snowboard and ski services are designed for the busy skiing enthusiast. We take the strain out of carrying your skis and snowboards to airports, waiting for them at your destination, and dragging them into the hotel only before doing the whole routine again on the return leg.

All of our skis and snowboard service clients can easily trace their package if required, we use closed loop handling and hard shell purposely designed ski and snowboard carry cases.

Full Ski Servicing

During the periods of the year you are not skiing we use secure storage, your skis and snowboards are only moved for us to carry out their full servicing. This includes cleaning the base by removing old wax, repairing any holes or scratches by filling them with p-tex, taking off excess p-tex leaving a flat surface, stone grinding the bases with a diamond finish, sharpening the base and side edges, machine waxing, structuring and polishing of the base and checking that the bindings are working properly.

We operate from most destinations globally, for more information on our ski service prices have a look here.