Ski Carry Case

Our ski carry cases are made from high density Sport Tube polyethylene, and the hard ski cases offer the maximum in protection for your skis and snowboards whilst we transport them to your ski resorts. The carry cases are made and designed to be lightweight, as well as strong and durable. Sport tube ski carry cases are also made to fit your skis and bindings in perfectly.

Hard Ski Carry Cases

Hard Sport Tube Carry Cases

Whilst the hard durable ski carry cases are made to suit your skis comfortably they are available in many shapes and specifications to suit your needs. Available in single, double or multiple size options or even for snowboards. Sport tube ski carry cases are guaranteed to securely protect your skis whilst in transportation.

Ski Carriage Carry and Storage Cases

Combined with our pick-up, storage, servicing and transportation service we incorporate the Sport Tube designed models to ensure your skis arrive as they left at your skiing resort globally. Our full service will store and transport your skis or snowboards within the Sport Tube hard carry case models described so you can be sure that your valued skiing equipment is protected.