Ski Carrier

Ski Carriage are specialist ski and snowboard carriers, our services combine to make the holidays of our members far less stressfull. Our ski carriage service consists of 4 main functions which are all individually helpfull in aiding the skiing enthusiast on their holiday, we store, service, transport and deliver your skis or snowboards to make life alot easier for you.

Ski Carrier and Carrying Services

Ski Carriage Membership Services

Once members join up with our ski carrier service we collect and store their skis and/or snowboards securely in our UK location. Simply give us a call or email when you are due to fly off on your next skiing holiday and our process begins. Firstly we give your skis or snowboards a full service, then we pack them safely and securely in our Sport Tube hard carry cases, we transport them to your destination through major distribution services and then deliver them to your location upon your arrival. The service then begins again upon your departure, we collect and transport them back to our secure UK location to await your next skiing holiday.

Ski Carrier Pricing

At Ski Carriage we are always looking to make improvements to our ski carrier services, our pricing startegy is built up around current baggage policies and servicing costs. With providers now pricing at £30 per package to be carried onto a plane over 1.9m in length means that ski enthusiasts now face extra charges at the airports. Ski Carriage take away this added charge, we also carry out full servicing of your skis and snowboards, which would also be a seperate fee! Including our transportation and delivery services into the membership services means that you recive huge benefits in hassle free holidays and no hidden charges before your skiing trip!