Ski Club of Great Britain hot topic of the week discussion - ski carriage
29th September 2009

With airlines increasingly charging to take sports equipment to resort, ski carriage has become a hot topic of debate. 

Here is some information to help you decide what to do about your hardware:

>> Swiss, Lufthansa, and Air France offer 
FREE ski & snowboard and boot carriage and Austrian Airlines lets you take one piece. To compare prices on other airlines, read our guide to ski carriage.

>> Trains are far less subject to baggage restrictions and offer a greener travel option. For train routes in Europe read our train travel to ski resorts guide.

>> You could also consider 
driving to resort for total independence. Our guide to driving to ski resorts covers everything from suitable resorts to tips on driving in snowy conditions.

Fed up with the hassle of worrying about your ski gear? New company can collect, store, service and transport your hardware to and from your chosen ski resort.