Where to Ski & Snowboard news article
6th September 2009

Where to Ski & Snowboard, Britain's leading winter sports resort guide publishes article about's new service.

The article points out how we collect, store, transport and service customers' equipment throughout Europe and North America. It goes on to say...."The company uses traceable delivery services, such as FedEx, and provides a hard ski case for transportation. What's more, on arrival, your equipment will be treated to a full service at a partner shop - just collect and go.

To take advantage of the new service, you'll pay a £22 annual membership fee - plus an additional low charge for storeage. Then each country has a transportation price per trip - though there are discounts for taking more than one set of skis.

For example, sending a set of skis or one snowboard to France currently costs £106 per trip (or £110 to Austria, Italy and Andorra). Adding on the membership and storeage cost comes to £145 - but of course, you only pay the membership once a year. So, it works best for regular users.

By comparison, Ryanair now charges from £80-£100 return for ski carriage only. And other airlines are putting the squeeze on baggage costs too."

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In actual fact, due to a brand new European freight service offered by one of our partners, we have been able to reduce our prices and so, in comparison to British Airways and Ryanair, can actually save you money with none of the associated hassle.