Enjoy Skiing With Ski Carriage

  • Do you own your own skiing & snowboarding equipment but don't take it away with you because of the hassle associated with doing so?
  • Do you transport your ski and board equipment with you, but dread lugging it, the risk of damage and the time it takes to get it serviced before you can get onto the slopes?
  • Do you get frustrated by the conflicting information you get from your tour operator and the airport around what you are allowed to take within your luggage limit and what you have to pay extra for?
  • Do you wonder if the benefits of having your own ski equipment is worth all of the trouble?

Ski and Snowboard Transportation

The great news is that you can now enjoy all of the benefits you gain from owning your own ski and snowboarding equipment without any of the associated hassle!  Skicarriage.co.uk gives you a full solution including storage, transportation and servicing of your skiing & snowboarding equipment. Leaving you to brush up on your skills on the slopes and have a great time!

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