Ski carriage , ski transportation, ski servicing and ski storage is the great hassle-free alternative to transport your skis and snowboards on holiday.

Don't carry your own skis, Let us take care of your ski delivery.

Season 2017/2018 is now open for booking!

Skicarriage to any Resort in France, Italy, Austria, Switzerland, Canada & USA.

No confusing airline ski carriage charge policies, waiting at oversized luggage belts or damaged and lost equipment.
Depending on whether you need full year-round care, carriage and servicing or simply transport to and from resort from home, we have a package to solve your ski carriage problem

Simply use the information in the tabs below to see which package is best for you and then book online.

  • Standard Package
  • Economy Package
  • Compare Packages

We collect and store your ski and snowboarding equipment One of the big advantages of our STANDARD package is that you do not need to have your full holiday details yet...

Once you have become a standard package member we collect your equipment and bring it back to our secure storage unit.  Storing your equipment means we can respond rapidly to your trip bookings and have your skis and snowboards ready to go!
After your last winter trip we can either store it safely all year round or return your equipment to you at no extra cost. question

We transport your skis, snowboards and boots to and from resort We use the very best carriers ensuring safe, secure, track-able delivery of your equipment to resort ...

on time, which is our number one priority. All ski and snowboard equipment is transported using high-density-plastic Sportube cases offering maximum protection throughout.
We arrange safe custody of your equipment at one of our partner shops or your accommodation, pending your arrival.
In the unlikely event of snow delaying your equipments' delivery, we cover the cost of hire equipment. question

We fully service your skis and snowboards Ski racers service their equipment before every run. We have built in a full service prior to every trip , ensuring  ...

that for the start of your holiday your equipment is in its best possible condition.  This includes brand new skis and boards which should be serviced before their first use.
Our service includes cleaning, repairing re-structuring and polishing the base, sharpening the edges, and of course waxing. question


We return your skis and snowboards to you after each trip... Approximately one week after you finish your holiday we will have your equipment back with you...

meaning that you can use it in between trips, maybe at one of the UK's indoor real snow slopes or just simply because you would rather have it back with you. question

We transport your skis and snowboards directly from your home... We deliver a Sportube to you and confirm the date it will be collected for onward transportation...

to your holiday accommodation. All you need to do is provide us with the full address and name of someone who has agreed to receive and care for your equipment prior to your arrival. At the end of your holiday, it will be collected and returned to your home or work address, from where we will collect the empty Sportube. question

We allow you to carry out your own servicing requirements Unlike our STANDARD package, which provides a full service every trip, our ECONOMY...

package allows you the flexibility to decide when, where and how often you want your equipment to be serviced. Whether you service skis yourself or via a friend, locally or abroad the choice is yours. question

  Economy Standard
All equipment carried in Sportube hard-shell cases checked
Stored safely and securely in between trips and in the close-season
Returned after every trip checked
Option to return at the end of the season or store all-year-round.   checked
Full service included on every trip.   checked
Safe, secure storage and collection in resort arranged by   checked
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